11 May

Bistro 221

Eating Out in Nevada City, Bistro 221

Have you tried the Bistro 221?  Melissa Bryant, from Cirino’s, took over the old Lefty’s location and opened up a new downtown Nevada City lunch and dinner restaurant.  Check their Facebook page for specials and new menus.  My research assistant said to try the fried chicken, while the younger crew recommended the chicken strips and fries.  The back Assay Room is still available for private parties, give them a call if you’re looking to organize a meeting or birthday party.  Bistro 221 has offered up one lucky Outside Inn blog reader a $20 gift certificate.  Please post a comment on who’d you take with you if you won and I’ll draw the winner on Saturday, May 18th.

Nevada City Dining, Bistro 221

Nevada City Restaurant, Bistro 221

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33 thoughts on “Bistro 221

  1. My wife loves Nevada City we have been coming for many years. Have never found the right place to stay until we stayed at the Outside Inn. She also loves Fried Chicken. I would love to take her to Bistro 21 next time we come up to try her favorite meal.

  2. I would take my sister, Sheila, for her birthday. We tried to go there for mine, but it wasn’t open yet. I would invite you too Erin : )

  3. I would take my new husband! Married a week now, we’d love to get up and explore nevada city more and try this yummy place!

  4. I would take my best friend Kamara with me if I won – I have been there twice now but she wants to check it out SO BAD so what better way then to treat her to a delicious meal at Bistro 221!

  5. I had lunch there the other day and it was delicious. It was really good to see Al and the service was outstanding.

    I would take someone from KVMR and new construction project.

  6. I’m glad to see Lefty’s old spot occupied. I haven’t been there yet, but we’ll make a point of it. If I win the drawing I will, of course, take my wonderful wife Mimi.

    Now we just need to get someone in Cirino’s old spot.

  7. There sure are a lot of eateries in Nevada City that I haven’t tried! Bistro 221 sounds great! Marc and I would have a nice lunch out!

  8. Hhhhmmmm…I guess I would take my husband even though he will probably go with co-workers before he takes me. So if he does I will have a lunch date with my daughter. :)

  9. I would take my husband Jeff – because we don’t do enough “date nights” and should….this would be a good excuse to go out and have a great meal.

  10. I would take my daughter if I won. Right after loading up all her bins of stuff she has been storing at home for the past 4 yrs. She graduates from UC Davis Medical School June 1st. She deserves a treat!

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