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Mountain Dog South Yuba River Swimming Hole

Swimming Holes in Nevada CityMountain Dog is one of the most asked about swimming holes on the South Yuba River.  Last summer it was named one of the Best of California Swimming Holes in California and guests at the Outside Inn have been looking for directions to the spot ever since.  I gave general directions, but wasn’t 100% sure I knew the spot the people were talking about, till I mentioned this to my mother who laughed out loud and reminded me that this was the spot we went to every summer growing up.  So I dragged my kids and their cousins and went back to revisit the swimming hole after many years.  The kids thought the pool under the waterfall was freezing, but loved playing in the rapid with their boogie boards and sitting on the sandy beach.  If you’re a South Yuba River fan, have you considered taking part in the upcoming SYRCL Yuba River Cleanup?  If you can’t participate you can always donate to the cause, Caleb Dardick, the Executive Director of the South Yuba River Citizens League, is giving a membership to SYRLC for anyone who donates $30 or more, click here.  Summer isn’t really over yet, is it?  What’s your favorite spot on the river?Nevada City Outdoor Adventures, Swimming in the South Yuba River

Swiming Holes, Mountain Dog, Nevada City

© 2013 InnSide Nevada City, Photos by Erin Thiem

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    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks for the comment, I hope to see you out at the SYRCL river clean up day, helping our community keep our beautiful river there for everyone to use.

      • Bobaloo
        Bobaloo says:

        Thanks for the info Erin, Paula and I are new to the area and were looking for a place to dip. We would be happy to be a part of the SYRCL. Perhaps Michelle Noe will start thinking globally and acting locally without the negative vibe.

    • Michelle Noe
      Michelle Noe says:

      Ok, I can’t take it back, can’t erase it, and I do apologize for my nastinesses. The river belongs to all of us, and yes I have participated officially and on my own in many Yuba clean ups… I am one of those that carries a trash bag and even have been known to pick up other people’s dog poops. Haven’t we all experience favorite places that got loved to death. We hermits must just learn to walk farther as time goes by to get to pristine spots. Does seem that there is more trash and more traffic every year. So I hope my karma is not permanently damaged for my little troll-channelling moment. Sorry.

  1. sydney
    sydney says:

    Sounds great– but how do we get there??! Went to Edwards crossing bridge yesterday and going back today hoping for some better instructions!
    Please and thank you!


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