07 Dec

Nevada City Snow

Nevada City Snow PhotosWinter has arrived in Nevada City!  I can’t think of anything more beautiful then our little town blanketed in a layer of snow.  The snow in town is bound to be gone soon, but here are a few moments to help capture the beauty.  I love that the people out walking the streets this morning were all thinking the same thing (for any of those other photographers out there this morning, post a comment with a link to your shots, I’d love to see).  What’s your favorite winter activity?  Heading up 20 to go sledding?  Skiing?  Building a snowman in your front yard?  Drinking a warm cup of hot cocoa?  Please enjoy the photos, I’ve posted additional ones on the Outside Inn’s Facebook page, but if you share them, please put a note that they came from the Outside Inn’s blog.Broad Street, Nevada City, Winter photos Broad Street, Nevada City Winter PhotosNevada City, Ca PhotosOutside Inn covered in Snow© 2013 InnSide Nevada City, © Photos by Erin Thiem

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