Points of Historical Interest

Pelton Wheel, Nevada City, photo by Erin Thiem, Outside inn

Have you ever stopped and looked at all the points of historical interest in downtown Nevada City?  You can check out the map below or print out the Nevada City Chamber Walking Tour Map.   It is a great way to check out mining artifacts and a brief intro to the history of our gold mining town.  You can pick up the map at the Nevada City Chamber or the Outside Inn’s office.  The map highlights places like the Sargent House, the home of US Senator Aaron Sargent who wrote the 29 words that would later become the 19th Amendment, allowing women the right to vote. Other great spots include  the Miners Foundry (No. 6), Firehouse No. 1 (No. 2), the Nevada Theatre (No. 4) and the Nevada City Winery (No. 7). Other points of historical interest include the South Yuba Canal Building, built in 1855, home of the Nevada City Chamber, the National Hotel, Firehouse No. 2 (built in 1861) and the Stonehouse Brewery, dating back to 1857.

The walking tour is a great kid friendly activity that can take as little, or as long as you need, it was great to take the opportunity to stop and read some of the plaques around town, you learn something new every day!

And while you’re in Nevada City learning about history make sure to visit the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, Empire Mine State Park, Malakoff Diggins State Park or the Pioneer Cemetery.  What’s your favorite spot to visit for local history?

And the winner of this week’s giveaway to the Miners Foundry comedy show is Melaine Green.

Points of Historical Intersest in Nevada City, California, photos by Erin Thiem, Outside Inn

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  1. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    I’m surprised that the Doris Foley Library isn’t listed. It is over 100 years old – and a Carnegie Library. It’s fun to just look around but there are lots of resources for people to do historical or genealogical research. It’s a little up the hill from Commercial St – 211 N Pine. Certainly worth a visit.


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