Outside Inn Sign

For a girl who loves our community and all things Nevada City, I don’t write very many blog posts about the Outside Inn.  But I’m excited to share with you our new sign (thanks Grass Valley Sign).  We rebranded the Outside Inn’s logo earlier this year and have been slowly working our way through the list of things to update.  This summer marks the Outside Inn’s 17th year in business and with all businesses, we are constantly updating, adding and changing.  The Outside Inn is proud to continue providing lodging in the heart of downtown Nevada City, look how far we’ve come from the days of the Airway Motel.  We always love it when people stop in and share their “back in the day, I remember this place…” tales.  And we can’t wait to start a new tradition of stories when we open the Inn Town Campground in 2016.  So, here’s a nod to the past, the present and the future, thank you to all the folks who have been a part of our stories.

Airway Motel

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