Cherry Tree

Spring Blooms

Obviously it’s a pretty upsetting time for everyone right now.  With most of the world shut down to combat Coronavirus, we don’t have a lot of “things to do” information, nor would it be responsible to share it at this time.  So, instead, if we can’t share the great things to do that normally happen in our community, we’ve decided to share some pretty photos of spring popping in town.  This is a great virtual shout out to something colorful and cheerful during a gloomy time.  We hope everyone is healthy and safe. Sending out socially distant hugs to all.



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  1. Joan
    Joan says:

    Oh, Erin! These photos are perfect for the newsletter! Here in SoCal we’re being pounded by rain and facing more stringent isolation orders, so the flowers really cheered me up.

    Hope everybody up there in my “dream spot” is well and weathering the virus AND the isolation in comfort.


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