Frequently Asked Questions

Online Reservations FAQ

How do I book a room online?

  1. Click here to access our online availability
  2. Select the date you are looking for by clicking the calendar icon on the left of the screen (either by entering in the date, or selecting it in the calendar icon)
  3. If you are traveling with more than 2 people, please select your party size from the drop down menu at the bottom (right next to the date).
  4. Select the dates of the room you would like to reserve.  You can view all room options by scrolling down, or amend the room types you’d like to see by clicking on the guest accommodations tab.  If the Outside Inn is full the calendar will show a grey box on the date you selected.  To see what date the room is available next you can view the dates under the room details.
  5. Click the green Book button

If you are traveling with a dog, please select the dog under the guests tab.

Please enter your contact details and enter in a credit card information.  

Do you charge for children?

Yes.  All room rates are based on double occupancy and the extra cost for additional guests is $10 per person, age 3 and up.  If you need a pack ‘n play or a rollaway for your child, please ask, as some rooms can accommodate an extra bed, whereas #2 and #3 1/2 are too small for an extra bed.

Do your rates vary from weekday to weekends?

It depends on the time of the year. Please note rates subject to change, it’s always worthwhile to check our online reservation system for the accurate rate for the date you are looking for and how many people you need to accommodate.

What if I need to cancel my online reservation?

Please give us a call (530-265-2233) or email us at, the Outside Inn has a 72 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel within 72 hours of your reservation the deposit is non-changeable, non-refundable.

Do you charge my card when I book online?

Yes.  Reservations are paid on full upon booking.

Old Deposit Payment Policy

Previous to April 1, 2017 the Outside Inn charged a one night of your reservation (including tax) as a deposit for your future reservation.  All future reservations paid in full upon booking.

What if I want to move my reservation to another date, outside of the 72-hour window?   Will I be charged the a cancellation fee?

No. As long as you give us enough notice to not fall in the 72 hours before your arrival, you can move dates without charge.  Please note that the rates may change, depending on the season.

What if I have to cancel on the day of my arrival, do I get my money back?

For a refund of your deposit (minus the cancellation processing fee) you need to give us a minimum of 72 hours.  Unfortunately your deposit is non refundable if your plans change within 3 days of your arrival (3pm on the day of check-in).  We highly recommend getting travel insurance if you are concerned about a change of plans.

What if I have paid for 2 nights and need to cancel one day before my arrival? Am I charged the the cancellation fee on top of the one night I have pre-paid?

If you are cancelling your reservation one day before your arrival, there is no refund offered. You will not be charged an additional 10% on top of your room rate plus tax that was paid at the time of booking. 

-We require 72 hours (3 days) notice prior to your check in date, to offer a partial refund (minus the 10% cancellation processing fee). Cancelations within 72 hours of arrival are not eligible for any refund. 

-If you have booked 2 nights, and need to cancel one of the nights with advance notice (outside of 72 hours of arrival) and during a time where their is not a 2-3 night requirement, their is just a 10% cancellation processing fee on that one night (room rate plus tax), and remaining 90% will be refunded onto your card. 

I paid for one of my 3 nights with my personal credit card at the time of booking, but I want to pay in cash. How can you help me?

To refund the credit card, we will charge you the cancellation processing fee (of 10%).  We can always sell you a gift certificate for cash sales for a future booking.

Can I get a roll away in my room?

It depends on the room, there are several options at the Outside Inn that are too small to accommodate a roll away, so feel free to call us or send us an email and see if that is an option for the room you would like to stay in.  Rollaways per request, pending availability, so please ask prior to arrival, due to limited supplies.

Do you have a 2 night minimum?  What if I only one to stay one night?

Yes, the Outside Inn has a two night minimum Fridays and Saturdays MLK weekend, President’s Weekend and April 1st- January 1st and 4th of July.   You are always welcome to book both nights and only stay with us for one.

What time is check-in?


Can I request an early check-in?

Please let us know if your travel plans have you arriving earlier then 3pm, we can usually accommodate a 2:30 check in if we have advance notice.  If the room is not available, you are welcome to stop by the Inn and leave your car, or drop off some luggage in our lobby.  Please note if you are traveling with multiple rooms we will try our best to have at least one room available early, but can’t guarantee that we’d have all of them ready before 3pm.

Does the Outside Inn do group bookings?

No, if you are organizing a wedding or a party please have your guests book their own individual rooms.  If you would like to reserve a room on behalf of someone else, please let us know in the customer question form if you are paying for the room or the name of the guests who will be staying in the room.  If you book more then 4 rooms the Outside Inn has a group cancellation policy we ask for a month’s notice for a refund on the deposit.  The deposit is equal to the first night of each room reserved.  We will need to know the name, number of people and the contact details of your individual guests prior to arrival.  If you do not want to pay for a deposit for a large reservation, please have the guests book directly.

Can I book online for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

No, the Outside Inn has a couple of different policies for the holidays, so we prefer to speak with you to make sure you’re aware of the two night minimum (no check-ins or check-outs on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day), the deposit and cancellation policies.  So, if you see online that we’re full for the holidays, please call us and check availability.

Outside Inn Rooms FAQ

Do the rooms have a fridge and coffee pot?

Yes, all 15 of our rooms have a fridge (the kitchenettes and suites have larger sized fridges, all other rooms have a mini-fridge) and a coffeemaker.  With the exception of the two smallest rooms, the Autumn Room and the Outside In Room, all the other rooms also have a microwave in the room.

Does the outdoor shower mean you have to take a shower outside?

No, the Outside Inn’s outdoor shower is seasonal and optional, all of our rooms have their own private bathrooms, some with bath tubs, but mostly showers.

Are there any rooms on the second floor?

No, all of the Outside Inn’s rooms are on the ground level.  The Cabin has several steps up to the entrance, the Cottage has a back door on ground level, but the front door has several steps up to the deck.

I have pet allergies, do you have any rooms that don’t allow dogs?

Yes, the Cabin.

What is the extra charge for the dog and can I leave him in a crate in the room?

The Outside Inn’s dog policy is $25 a night, per dog and we ask that you do not leave the dog in the room unattended (crate or no crate).  Please note that the Outside Inn’s dog policy is only for dogs, sorry no other animals allowed.

I have an emotional support dog, do I have to pay the dog fee?

Yes, your emotional support dog is welcome in 14 out of the 15 rooms, but we do require you to pay the dog fee. Pets providing emotional support, well-being, comfort or companionship are not recognized as service animals under ADA regulations.

How do I know which room is where?  And where do you park?

Click here for our room overview page, with additional information about the individual rooms, and scroll down to see a map of the Outside Inn’s property.  Parking is in front of your room, if you are traveling with 2 cars, please park the extra car at the back of the driveway along the fence, or in front of the swimming pool.

Do you have a swimming pool?

Yes, the Outside Inn has a seasonal swimming pool, please note that the pool is not heated.

What time is check-in and what do we if we’re late?

The Outside Inn’s check-in is at 3pm, our office is open till 7:00pm, if you will be arriving after our office closes, feel free to either email us or give us a call and we will explain our late check-in policy.

Do you have any wheelchair accessible rooms?

The Outside Inn has one room with some wheelchair accessible features, #6, the Rock Climbing Suite, has wider doors, a roll under sink and bars above the toilet and in the shower/tub.

Outside Inn Wedding FAQ

Booking rooms at the Outside Inn

The Outside Inn has guests year round who come from around the globe to help celebrate the special day.  The Outside Inn does not take group bookings, due to the size of our motel, but we welcome couples to stop by and get a tour of the motel if you’re organizing an event or party.  Below are a few Q&As regarding hosting guests at the Outside Inn.

Can I block a group of rooms?

The Outside Inn only has 15 rooms, therefore we do not hold rooms, due to the size of our motel.  But please feel free to stop by the motel for a tour and we’d be happy to help you decide which rooms would accommodate certain family members.

My wedding is in 18 months, can I book rooms now?

The Outside Inn only takes reservations up to 365 days in advance, feel free to set a reminder and call us at 8:30am on the date a year in advance.

Can I host a night before the wedding party at the Outside Inn?

The Outside Inn is located in a residential neighborhood and we not allowed to host events on our property, as we it is not a part of our use permit.  So while we’d love to have your guests stay the night with us the night before, unfortunately no, we cannot host an event on our grounds.  The motel is for guests, and guests only, to use during their stay with us.  But we’re 3 blocks from downtown and can happily recommend great locations for rehearsal dinners or parties.

Can we have a post wedding gathering at the Outside Inn?

The Outside Inn has quiet hours between 10pm and 8am, so we strongly recommend your guests take advantage of the downtown area and please be mindful of the sleeping guests when they return.  We also try to respect our guests’ experience with us and remind our customers that the motel and its grounds are for motel guests only.

Are there any group discounts?

No.  But, check our website, we offer week day discounts outside of the summer months, so if your wedding is on a Sunday or Thursday between Labor Day-Memorial Day check the website for rates.

Can I drop off welcome bags?

Certainly, the Outside Inn will happily give welcome bags to your guests when they check in, feel free to drop off the bags in the office before the guests arrive.

Do you refund my card as my guests call to book?

No, the deposit is paid when the room is booked, if you need to have the amount refunded, there’s a 10% cancellation processing fee.

What if I book all the rooms, but need to cancel a room or 2 a week before my wedding?

You will be charged the 10% cancellation processing fee and refunded the balance of the room reservation.  If you book all the rooms, it is a group reservations and we need 30 days notice.  A cancellation within 30 of arrival will include the deposit.  Any cancellations outside of 30 day’s is the 10% cancellation processing fee.

Do you offer a conference room?

Sorry, no, the Outside Inn does not have any on site communal space for events.

Where do I park my car?

The Outside Inn has enough parking for all our guests, being a motor court motel you park in front of your room.

Do you offer breakfast?

We do not, but all of our rooms include a coffeemaker and coffee & tea.  The kitchenettes include the dishes and pots and pans to make breakfast, but you’ll have to bring your own food.

Can I have a wake up call?

We do not, but there are alarm clocks in all of our rooms.

Can I have my deposit amount refunded, and put onto a different card at check-out?

To refund a deposit there is a 10% cancellation processing fee.

What if I need to cancel within 72 hours due to illness?

If your plans change within 72 hours, 3pm three days prior to your arrival date, we do not refund the deposit.