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Art OnSite, Deer Creek Tribute Trail

The Art OnSite Deer Creek Tribute Trail art exhibition makes its grand opening this weekend.  If you aren't familiar with the downtown Nevada City walk, now is a great time to go explore, with 8 international artists showcased in the natural…
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Humbug Creek

If you are looking for a different trail to hike, try the Humbug Trail, a three mile gradually descending trail which goes from Malakoff Diggins down to the South Yuba River.  It is forested with fir, cedar, and black oak as it winds down…
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Independence Trail

Step back in time and check out the Inpendence Trail, the walk, located 5 miles out of town off Highway 49, follows the ditches and flumes from the Excelsior Canal, built back in the 1850's.  The 1 1/2 mile section wheel chair accessible trail…